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Aug 13th, 2015

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OD will be performing at this years Wild West Songwriters Festival–Performances like the ones at The Wild West Songwriters Festival are called ‘songwriters rounds’ and they aren’t that unusual if you’re from Nashville, although not too many have the jaw-dropping list of hit writers that show up in Deadwood. Besides, there’s a completely new dimension to this. The Wild West Songwriters Festival brings together great songwriters from different genres, like rock, country and pop. If insights and discoveries are just naturally up for grabs when great artists start talking with each other, there are bound to be even more of them at The Wild West Songwriters Festival. There the songwriters themselves find new insights, and make new discoveries, as they share stories and songs with other great songwriters from completely different musical scenes.

Another artist at the Wild West Songwriters Festival is the fast breaking country rock band OD. OD has been out on a stadium tour with Kenny Chesney all year while their single “Break Up With Him” has been climbing the chart. They’ve also put together quite a run as hit songwriters, and when the editors of Billboard chose songwriters to spotlight for their Nashville cover story, three of them were in OD. Matthew Ramsey, Brad Tursi and Trevor Rosen will all be performing in the songwriters rounds at The Wild West Songwriters Festival, and with bandmates Geoff Sprung and Whit Sellers laying down the block-rockin’ beats, they’ll be playing the festival’s opening night concert

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