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Oct 7th, 2015

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The title of OD’s new album tells a story. Funny enough, in a genre where most projects are named after a key track, Meat and Candy is nowhere to be found in the 11-song list. “It’s kind of like an old Cars cover or something, it’s definitely not the standard country.” Meat and Candy, in a way, captures what OD is all about, which is helping to usher a new wave of country music.

OD’s next album is going to be a unorthodox blend of rock, pop, and reggae on top of country. This overlap of sounds is key to understanding OD. The groups original purpose was to provide a showcase for the they were creating. “We said, We’re not getting hits anyway. Let’s not even care remotely about whether our songs sound country or whatever. Let’s just do what we do.” Then things began to click.

 “Our motto until recently was ‘It’s never going to work anyway”, Trevor Rosen laughs. “Somehow it is working, maybe because that’s always been our motto. We never took it too seriously.”

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