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Jul 27th, 2015

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Sony Music CEO Predicts OD Will Be Superstars

In an exclusive interview with The Tennessean, Doug Morris, the 76-year-old music industry legend who oversees Sony’s record label operation, said he viewed OD as joining current superstar artists Kenny ChesneyMiranda LambertCarrie UnderwoodBrad Paisley and Garth Brooks to provide a new foundation for the company’s country music division.

The day after Doug Morris heard OD’s EP, Clint Higham (OD’s manager) said Doug Morris called him to say he wanted to sign the band.

What’s funny about the company is there’s five superstar acts and some very good artists underneath,” Morris said. “And these two new ones just make it look great. All of a sudden, there’s a shimmer to it.”

“Most of the heads of labels like that don’t have a lot to do with the acts, but every once in a while you get that special thing and it’s pretty great, and Doug is pretty good about stuff like that,” Dale Morris commented in regard to the passion Sony Music has put into Old Dominion.

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